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20/9 Ofir Beehive at Alon Hagalil

The visit include a movie about the world of bees and the honey making process. Details: 052-2824644

Orchard Beehive, Peqiin Village

The Orchard Beehive of Peqiin invites children and parents to enjoy the unique combination of authentic Druze hospitality and variety of educational activities. Details: 052-2477897

26/9 Zefat for Families

We’ll travel around the picturesque alleys, the unique synagogues and learn about the great cabbalists who grew here. Details and registration: 057-2003030 or 03-6388688

Pro Environmental Nature Photography Exhibition, Tel Hai Open Museum of Photography

A photography exhibition of the deceased photographer Ruby Zilberstein (curator: Arie Sagy). Details: 04-6816709

25/9, 26/9 Night Tour at the Yehiam Fort

We’ll go on a lanterns tour around the fort in which we’ll learn about the fascinating people who lived there throughout history. Details: 04-9856004

Eilon Mosaics and the Davidzon Garden present a tour aroun the Garden of Statues and the home gallery of Ruth and Meir Davidzon

Visitors will enjoy the arts and statues of the artist Meir Davidzon. Sun-Thu between 08:30-15:00. Details: 04-9858125

“Texture and Formation” – the new Arts Gallery of Beit Shalom, Metula

The new arts gallery displays the works of fiber artist Miriam Hod, who combines artistic tapestry with gemstones, jewelries and lights. Details: 04-6940767

26/9 Galilean Stalactites

At the evergreen scenery of the Western Galilee Sarach Stream, we’ll reach a beautiful stalactite cave and explore it with flashlights. Details and registration: 057-2003030 or 03-6388688

19/9 - Honey Festival, Manot

Honey sweet festival: taste, experience and learn about the magnificent world of bees. Details: 04-9806005

20/9 Squills and Honey of the Galilee

Over this pastoral blossoming background we’ll hear the story of the days the barrow was painted in red during the dramatic battle of Josephus. Details and registration: 057-2003030 or 03-6388688

20/9 Ofir Beehive at Alon Hagalil

The visit include a movie about the world of bees and the honey making process. Details: 052-2824644

Recommended Trips
Travel Hotels - Hotels in the Galilee

Travel Hotels - Hotels in the Galilee

"Travel Hotel" is a country-lodging hotel combining an extensive web information center and a travelers' newsletter. Currently we operate three country lodging Travel Hotels in the north, at Kibbutz Eilon, at Kibbutz Gesher Ha'ziv and at Kibbutz Malkiya. The three hotels offer an experience of country hospitality for the traveling family including various size rooms, a yard for group gatherings, BBQ option, Wi-Fi area, and a kind and useful service.

The country lodging includes breakfast baskets room service or at the hotels' caf'e (at Malkiya), use of the Kibbutz's' pools in season and help planning your travels.

With the hotel's guest card discounts are given in most of the area's restaurants and attractions. More details in the website's Discounts page.

The extensive and up to date information on this website will allow you to plan a diverse and fascinating vacation in the Galilee – because vacation starts at the Galilee, and the Galilee starts at Travel Hotel.

In order to subscribe to our free "Travelers" newsletter fill in your details here and we'll be happy to add you to our contact list.

Eilon TravelHotel

Phone / Mobile: 04- 688-30-40    Secondary Phone: 04- 688-30-34    Secondary Phone: 04- 688-30-34    Address: Eilon TravelHotel , Kibbutz Eilon, RD Western Galilee

The hotel is located in Kibbutz Eilon and offers:

- 10 vacation apartments, 10 studio rooms, 8 double rooms

- An Israeli breakfast is served in the cozy dining room and on the deck beside it, under the ancient carob tree.

- In the place you'll find wide green spaces as well as family and gathering spots.

- Free WiFi is available nearby the reception.

- Seasonal swimming pool (mid June to Rosh HaShana), during the rest of the year discount tickets to Kibbutz Evron's Country Club are available in the reception.

The hotel is pet friendly

Gesher HaZiv TravelHotel

Phone / Mobile: 04-688-30-40    Secondary Phone: 04-688-30-34    Secondary Phone: 04-688-30-34    Address: Travel Hotel-Gesher Haziv - Kibbutz Gesher Haziv, West Galilee 22815

Only 1km away the beautiful Achziv coast line lies the Gesher HaZiv TravelHotel.

The hotel is designed as a Greek village and has 8 double rooms, 16 studio rooms and 4 vacation apartments.

Breakfast is served at the decorated dining room.

All of the Western Galilee's attractions are in a short drive distance, among them are the grottoes of Rosh HaNiqra, Qeshet Cave, the Old City of Akko, Yehiam Fortress, Montfort Castle and more.

Free WiFi is at the balcony nearby the reception.

The hotel is pet friendly

Guests are welcome to visit and pray in the Kibbutz's synagogue

You can also use public transportation to arrive the Kibbutz with "Nateev Express" bus company.

Bus numbers: 22, 23, 24, 28, 32, 33 (most of the buses don't enter the Kibbutz but stops on the road, about 10 minutes walk distance). To check for time table please call 1-599-559-559

Malkiya TravelHotel

Phone / Mobile: 04-688-30-40    Secondary Phone: 04-688-30-34    Secondary Phone: 04-688-30-34    Address: kibbutz Malkiya

Malkiya Travelers' Hotel lies at one of the Upper Galilee's most beautiful places.

The hotel is open since January 2012 as a part of TravelHotels Group.

The hotel has 22 studio rooms and 10 vacation apartments, 50sqm each.

Breakfast is served in our new dinning room, which is heated by a fireplace during winter time.

The hotel is located at Kibbutz Malkiya, 11km west of Coah' junction, and is a traveling center for travelers to Hula reserve, Zefat, Rosh Pina, Dishon stream, Biriya forest, Manara cliff, Baram forest and more. Metula is 25 minutes away and Mount Hermon is 40 minutes away.

Free WiFi is available at the balconies nearby the rooms.

The Hotel is pet friendly (however pets are not allowed in the swimming pool area)

Public transportation to the Kibbutz is twice a day from Qiryat Shemona, bus number 34. For time table contact Egged at *2800

Malkiya TravelHotel - video clip

Public transportation to Malkiya: bus number 34 from Qiryat Shemona – twice a day – operated by Egged. For fairs and time table contact Egged at *2800 or


Metula TravelHotel - Recommended by Mapa 2014

Phone / Mobile: 04-688-30-40    Secondary Phone: 04-688-30-34    Secondary Phone: 04-688-30-34    Address: 52nd HaRishonim St, Metula

At the very heart of the village of Metula, lies Metula TravelHotel.

The hotel has 4 suites , 7 rooms with a balcony and 16 regular rooms, as well as a large dining room, lobby, large entrance balcony and a wide yard. 

The hotel was renovated during the end of 2013. We've added an elevator and modern comfort systems required in the hoteliery business.

The hotel is located at Metula's main street and with a short walking distance from its restaurants and pubs. The Weiss Grove is in walking distance from the hotel. The grove uses as an entrance to the Tanur Nature Reserve and has picnic tables and BBQ stands.

In Metula you'll find the Canada Center which includes warmed swimming pools, spa, ice skating, bowling and 3D movie theater. During the summertime, the hotel guests enjoy free entrance to the swimming pools.

The Tanur Nature Reserve starts in Metula and has a walking trail that goes between 4 waterfalls; the last of which is the Tanur Waterfall, one of Israel's highest waterfalls.

The hotel is recommended by Mapa for the year 2014!